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Flox - Flocking Algorithms for Unity

Game Development
Unity Asset

Animal Flocking Behaviours for Unity

Codematik are developing a Unity asset for the Unity Asset Store which intends to make flocking algorithms easier to implement within your game.


Flox has full support for built-in and URP render pipelines, as well as partial support for the HDRP render pipeline.


Flox can run on the CPU or GPU, allowing for full obstacle avoidance in CPU mode, or full performance in GPU mode.


In GPU mode, Flox supports 20,000+ Boids on an Intel I5, AMD RX 6500.


  • 3D CPU Boids implementation
  • 3D GPU Boids implementation
  • 2D CPU Boids implementation
  • Built-in renderer Support
  • URP Support
  • Partial HDRP Support
  • Developer Support
  • Documentation
  • Sample scenes (Sky, Underwater, CPU and GPU demos)


We aim to keep improving and adding to Flox. See here for a detailed list of features we will be implementing. Want to provide your own feedback? Join the Discord! Links are provided below.