Wingman - AI Editor Toolkit out now!

Wingman - AI Editor Toolkit

Game Development
Unity Asset

AI Editor Toolkit for Unity

Wingman is an innovative AI-powered companion designed to elevate your Unity game development experience. Our AI assistant is specifically tailored to provide essential support in four key areas: Art, Code, Design, and Language.


Wingman has support for generation of art with the DALL-E API. The interface provides options to generate multiple images and adjust creativity.


Wingman provides a Script Editor which offers smart edit suggestions for a seamless in-editor coding experience.


Check out the full featureset on the Wingman docs pages, on the Unity Asset Store, or below.


  • Art Generator
  • Color Palette Generator
  • Development Assistant
  • Code Editor
  • Code Documentor
  • Creative Assistant
  • Name Generator
  • Backstory Generator
  • Game Idea Generator
  • Grammar Checker
  • Translator
  • Source Code provided
  • Documentation
  • Sample scenes (Sky, Underwater, CPU and GPU demos)


We aim to keep improving and adding to Wingman. See the Roadmap for a detailed list of features we will be implementing. Want to provide your own feedback? Join the Discord! Links are provided below.